1. Symposium Registration
1.1. Pre-Registration:

If you have pre-registered, please make your way to the pre-registration table outside the conference room. On arrival, please have your confirmation number ready. Online registration closes at 12h00 on the 27th July 2022. You will receive a name tag, printed program as well as an armband. The armband will serve as identification for meals as per the program.

1.2. Walk-Ins

Walk-ins are on a first-come-first-serve basis dependent on availability of seats. 160 seats available each day for prebooking and walk-in delegates.
If you have not pre-registered, please make your way to the registration table. On Friday and Saturday morning, registration will start at 07:00, and will continue until 08:00. When you register, you will receive a name tag as well as an armband. The armband will serve as identification for lunch.

2. Accommodation

All accommodation of delegates is at their own discretion and cost. 

2.1. Breakfast

Delegates are welcome to have breakfast at The Capital venue at an additional cost of R220.00.

2.2. Check-Out:

Check-out time at The Capital venue is at 11h00. If you require a late check-out, please liaise with the reception. Extended check-out time is subject to availability. Please make necessary arrangements with The Capital front reception.

3. Dress code:

Dress is smart-casual for the duration of the Symposium

4. Morning Tea:

Morning tea will be at the venue. Please adhere to the program times!

5. Lunch:

On Friday and Saturday afternoons, lunch will be served in the Restaurant. Please wear your arm bracelet as identification and submit your lunch ticket. Lunch is free for all delegates as well as the invited panel members.

6. Dinner on Friday:

The restaurant is open for dinner from 18:30. Dinner is for your own account,

7. Meet-and-Greet Dinner Friday:

On both Friday and Saturday evenings, there will be a meet-and-greet Buffet in the Restaurant. Everyone is most welcome to attend. The cost for the buffet meal will be R350.00 per person and is for your own account.

8. Drinks:

All alcoholic drinks are for your own account. Please pay at the bar/restaurant as you order or when you check-out.

9. WIFI:

There will be free WIFI in the conference room and hotel rooms. Passcode will be provided on the day.

10. We kindly request:

• As there is a great deal to discuss, we request that you adhere strictly to the program times.
• There are several questions and answer sessions. Please do not interrupt the presentation. Make a note of your question at the back of this document.
• During the question-and-answer session, please stand up and speak clearly so that everyone can hear you.
• Please make sure your mobile phones are turned to silent.
• We kindly request everyone to remain silent during the presentations.
• Please leave the room to answer your mobile calls.
• The invited faculty will be available for further discussions after the last topic of the day for an additional 30 minutes.
For emergency assistance, please contact the receptionist on +27 13 8139000 or dial +27 82 854 3744